Johbu Silk Road (Kinu-no-Michi)

“Johbu Silk Road” initiative is an effort toward the utilization, blending and branding of regional resources centering on the silk industrial heritages, which has been promoted in collaboration among seven cities and towns across Gunma Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture.
Through new collaborative efforts across the regions and field boundaries, such cities and towns seek to cause a revitalization of the regions from a new perspective including by the development of extensive tourist routes and new products in cooperation among the businesses.
This region is a place where visitors can trace a story of the raw silk industry in Johshu and Bushu which was a driving force for the transition of Japan in modern age into an advanced country and also where visitors are able to enjoy many scattered silk heritages around the world heritage and numerous industrial heritages surrounding it as well as the regional food cultures and sceneries, etc. from their own point of views and concept of values. “Johbu Silk Road” initiative will continue proposing a travel theme across the regions so that you will know such regional resources.

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Special Nonprofit Corporation NPO Sangyo Kanko Gakushukan (Industrial Tourism Study Center)

AddressNumawada 961, Honjo-shi, Saitama 367-0072

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