Kyoshinsha Mohan Sanshitsu (A monumental facility where silkworms used to be raised)

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Kyoshinsha Mohan Sanshitsu is a facility that was built in 1894 (Meiji 27th) within the premise of Kyoshinsha Kodama-denshujo by Kimura Kuzo who devoted his entire life to the improvement of silk cultivation technology. This facility is one of a few modernization period heritages (silk industry heritages) in Saitama Prefecture and designated as a prefectural cultural heritage.
Address〒367-0212 Kodama 2514, Kodama-cho, Honjo-shi
Tel0495-25-1111(Cultural Assets Protection Division, Honjo-shi Hall)
〒367-0212 Kodama 2514, Kodama-cho, Honjo-shi
0495-25-1111(Cultural Assets Protection Division, Honjo-shi Hall)

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