Kyu-Shogyoginko Rengasohko (Brick Warehouse of Former Commercial Bank)


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Built in 1896 (Meiji 29th) as a warehouse for storing cocoons and raw silks as a collateral, this facility adopted the architectural styles including symmetrically placed windows, the open 2nd floor and a king-post style suspended ceiling, preserving historical sceneries of then Honjo-jo, a town of silk cultivation. The brick warehouse of former Honjo Commercial Bank is registered as a national tangible cultural heritage.
Address〒367-0052 Chuo 1-5-16, Honjo-shi
Tel0495-25-1113(Cultural Assets Protection Division, Honjo-shi Hall)
〒367-0052 Chuo 1-5-16, Honjo-shi
0495-25-1113(Cultural Assets Protection Division, Honjo-shi Hall)

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