• はにぽんせんべい
  • Soka senbei (rice cracker) with the illustration of Hanipon, the mascot of Honjo-shi. Four kinds of flavors such as soy sauce, white sugar, cherry sugar and maccha green tea sugar can be enjoyed.
  • どらQ
  • A dora-yaki made from cucumbers of Honjo origin
  • はにぽん焼き
  • A dora-yaki (bean‐jam pancake) made from te wheat of Japan origin by 100% and local fresh eggs
  • 朝摘みまるまるトマトゼリー
  • A product of cherry tomatoes wholly wrapped with transparent jelly.
  • 畑のイヌリン
  • Granulated powders of kiku-imo which is cultivated and harvested around Honjo-shi
  • はにぽんキャンディー
  • A Kintaro-ame (cylindrical candy Kintaro's face appears wherever which is sliced) with the face of Hanipon. Its flavor varies by season including strawberry, orange, soda, lemon and apple.
  • ふるさとの本庄菓子めぐり
  • A gift set of baked confectioneries imagining notable sites and historical places of Honjo-shi.
  • 百体観音様の大鰐口マドレーヌ
  • Popular madeleine softly and gently baked up with the use of local eggs. This product is characterized by its big size like an ohwaniguchi (a large gold-colored drum).
  • 群書類従パウンドケーキ
  • Local eggs and strictly selected ingredients are used. A cake with a moist and rich flavor. This product has seven flavors and models itself on Gunsho-Ruiju compiled by Hanawa Hokiichi.
  • はちみつバターケーキ
  • "Honey" in the name of this product means "Hani" as in "Hanipon" as well as "Honey" referring to "Hachimitsu"in Japanese. A delicious cake with gently rich flavors of honey and butter.
  • はにぽんクッキー
  • A cookie in the shape of Hanipon, the mascot of Honjo-shi. With carefully selected ingredients being used, this product can be safely enjoyed by all people.
  • 本庄菊いもサブレ
  • Crispy baked cookies that are not very sweet. This product uses chemical-free kiku-imo which is harvested around Honjo-shi.
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