Marygold-no-Oka-Koen (Hill Park)

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This park is located on the east side of Honjo-Waseda Station. From its hill where a sun clock is placed, people are able to admire the view of mountains surrounding Honjo-shi such as Mt. Akagi-san and Mt. Haruna-san as well as the view of a sea of Marygold.
Address〒367-0030 Waseda-no-Mori 1-13, Honjo-shi
Tel0495-25-1111(Urban Planning Division, Honjo-shi Hall)
〒367-0030 Waseda-no-Mori 1-13, Honjo-shi
0495-25-1111(Urban Planning Division, Honjo-shi Hall)

Honjo Sightseeing Association