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Its Gongen-zukuri shrine pavilion lacquered in violent colors is, coupled with its big gate, designated as a cultural properties by the city, and its splendid paintings on the ceil dedicated by folk artists including Takemasa Nanro and Ogura Kouo at Honjo-juku are displayed in its heiden (hall of offerings). There is a camphor tree in its premise designated as a national treasure by Saitama Prefecture which is 20 meters high and about 30 meters in width from east to west. This shrine is one of the destinations of Bushu Honjo Shichifukujin Meguri (Seven Gods Pilgrimage) and enshrines Ebisuson.
Address〒367-0054 3-2-3 Chiyoda, Honjo-shi
〒367-0054 3-2-3 Chiyoda, Honjo-shi

Honjo Sightseeing Association