Afuriten-jinja (Shrine)


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The name of "Afuriten" Shrine is believed to come from the fact that this shrine was established as a result of the merger between "Afuri" Shrine enshrining the god of mountain and the god of amagoi (call for water) and the "Ten" Shrine enshrining the god of karai-tenjin. Further, in September, "Omikiage-Shinji" is performed in which people show their gratitude to the god of water by providing such god with omiki (sacred sake).
Address〒367-0053 3-4-38 Chuo, Honjo-shi
Tel0495-22-3267(Kanasana Shrine)
〒367-0053 3-4-38 Chuo, Honjo-shi
0495-22-3267(Kanasana Shrine)

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