“Honjo round and round Vol.4” held decision!


※ 4 October postscript (blue part) , we have replaced an overview and participation application form data.

Honjo city Bal “Honjo round and round Vol.4” participation agent wanted Announcement

Last time the 4th place of the city Bal I received your popular “Honjo round and round” was decided!
Along with it, we will recruit a store which you can participate in the “Honjo round and round Vol.4”.

When it is put to everybody eateries that are you consider participation, check on the application guidelines below, by all means to the participant retailers briefing
thank you for your attendance.

○ Participation retailers briefings
during the day: 2017 April 26 (Wednesday) 15:00
Place: Honjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall second floor large hall
How to participate: Those who wish to participate in the briefing are, in 2017 April 21 (Friday) Registration Form before (link below)
on top of the fill, we bring to Honjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thank you for your submission by FAX or mail.
“Honjo round and round Vol.4” wish to participate store briefings outline and participation application form (new)


○ “Honjo round and round Vol.4” Call for participation store
held period: 2017 September 8 (Friday) to September 16 (Saturday), a total of 9 days
Atobaru: 2017 September 17 (Sun) – September 30 (Saturday), a total of 14 days

※ “Atobaru” and of that period you can use the ticket that remains is … the city Bal participants as gold note
Venue: Honjo city

eligibility: the following ① ~ ③ all dining options are applicable to the item
① cooperation’ll be in the bustle creation of Honjo restaurant or Honjo City tourist Association or Honjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry member or Kodama Chamber of Commerce member of the head office in② Honjo by facilities such as and permanent table it is possible to provide food and beverage by ③ Honjo gang exclusion regulations, that gang members and gang quasi-members is not a store, which operates



● I will assume 500 yen price per sheet Bal ticket.

● as Bal menu, set amount of money one 500 yen, 1,000 yen two, one of the menu of three 1,500 yen      , please devised (you devised Allowed multiple menus, friendly combination of the existing menu).

● will conduct a stamp rally. Dining credit for prizes that can be used at the specified participation store,such as the recommended products of local companies and shops.


○ Contact
Honjo city Bal Executive Committee (Honjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry house)
TEL 0495-22-5241
FAX 0495-24-3003

Honjo Sightseeing Association