For Honjo photo contest examination result of Transfer of your 2016


In Honjo photo contest transfer of your 2016, the appeal of Honjo in order to PR, looking for photos taken in the city,
has been submitted the works of 48 points.
Thank you for applicants.

As a result of reviewing the submissions, winning has decided as follows.

○ Honjo City Tourist Association length Award
“Dosojin Festival” Tokio Machida photo is here
○ Honjo Mayor’s Prize
“intimacy” Masao Kobayashi photo is here
○ Honjo City Council Chairman Award
“You are you doing to see what!” Takao Kozai photo is here

○ winning
“Miko” Tsuneo Suzuki photo is here.
“Mandoe of Butsumoji” Mamoru Machida photo is here.
“Mutual hitting floats” Katsuomi Osawa photo is here.

Honjo Sightseeing Association